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AJ Way


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Kirton Specialist Seating

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Online Store Products

CareFlex SmartSeat

'Y' Peeler (KK016)

4 Wheeled Bariatric Rollator (178kg/28st) (DM319)

4 Wheeled Bariatric Rollator (317kg/50st) (DM304)

841/842 Commode & Shower Chairs

A J Way - Falkland

A J Way - Lundy

A J Way - Shetland

Absorbent Disposable Bed Sheets

Adjustable Folding Backrest (KK422)

Adjustable Folding Walking Aid (DM906)

Adjustable Folding Walking Sticks

Adjustable Height Perching Stools

Adjustable Height Stacking Commode

Adjustable Height Trolley Walker (DM185)

Adjustable Walking Stick (DM404)

Adult Disposable Pull-Up Pants (MU034)

Adult Warming Dish (825)

Air-Flo 5

Air-Flo 5+

Air-Flo 8

Airflo Compressor

AJ Way - Blenheim & Chatsworth

Aluminium Adjustable Height Toilet Surround (DM1012)

Aluminium Commode and Shower Chair (DM102)

Aluminium Reachers

Aluminium Travel Chair Plus

Am Fab Over Riser Table

Aquajoy Bathlift (AQ002)

Aquatec Disk on Dot (9.00.002)

Aquatec Dot (10200-32)

Aquatec Galaxy Height Adjustable Shower Chair with Backrest & Armrests (IN103)

Aquatec Ocean VIP Commode Shower Chair

Aquatec Ocean XL Shower / Commode (IN176)

Aquatec Orca Bathlift (IN075)

Aquatec Pico Shower Stool

Archimedes Bathlift (MA013)

Archimedes Bathlift Covers (MA036)

Armchair Sero Pressure Cushions

Ashby Raised Toilet Seats with Easy Fittings

Atlantic Commode & Shower Chair

Attendant Propelled Gull Wing Commode & Shower Chair (DM577)

Back Support Cushion (KK064)

Basket & Tray Combination for Tri Wheel Walker (DM197)

Basket Weave Commode Chair (DM204)

Bath Seat (DM189)

Bathboard with Handle (DM223)

Bathmaster Deltis

Beauty Bathing Range

Beauty Hair Care Range

Bed Arm Chair (KK273)

Bed Pull (SE794)

Bed Rail (KK382)

Bellavita Bathlift

BioFreeze Pain Relief Spray

Blue Plastic Fluted Grab Rail with Flange Cover

Bra Angel (BU001)

Brake Cable (Escape Lite)

Bread Spreading Board (SPREADBOARD)

Buckingham Easywipe (BU003)

Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy

Calf Strap

CAMEL (Complete Air Moving Elevation Lift) (MA023)

Cane Holder (KK290)

Careflex Hydrocare

Careflex Hydroflex

Careflex Hydrotilt

CareFlex Overnight Chair

CareFlex Smart Seat Pro

Caring Mug (818)

Casa Med Classic FS

Casa Med Classic Low (DM312)

Casa Nuova (DM313)

CasaFlex Mattress - CX59

CasaFlex Mattress - CX63 (DM217)

CasaFlex Mattress _ CX64 (DM412)

Cast Protectors

Chair Trolley (SE004)

Chair/Skoota Bak Sak

Chair/Skoota Side Sak

Childs Kozee Toze

Chrome Plated Steel Mobile Commode Chair

Chunky Can Opener (KK012)

Coccyx Wedge Cushion (KK061)

Commode & Shower Chair

Compact Lightweight Aluminium Safety Walker (DM551)

Conical Jar Opener (JAR-OP)

Contact 4 Me (CM001)

Control Panel Kover

Cooking Basket (DM232)

Cool Hand (833)

Cordless Metal Kettle Tipper (815)

Crutch Back Bag

Cushion Back Holdall

Dalson Fruit 'n' Veg Peeler (KK029)

Days Deluxe Comfort Folding Commode

Deluxe Chrome Plated Steel Commode Chairs _ Standard & Heavy Duty

Deluxe Lightweight Rollator

Deluxe Sling

Deluxe Transfer Sheet (SE277)

Derby Kettle Tipper (738)

Diabetic Socks

Double Adjustable Elbow Crutches (DM1004)

Down Under Storage Bag (KK266)

Duo Transfer Slide

Dycem Jar and Bottle Opener

Dycem Products

Easi Grip Chiropodist Scissors (SN200)

Economy Belt (SE340)

Economy Female Urinal (NR131)

Economy Male Urinal (NR128)

Elastic Hand Pads for Crutches (DM629)

Elasticated Diapers

ELK (Emergency Lifting Cushion)

Elk Station (MA106)

Escape Lite

Extra Wide Shower Chair with Detachable Back (DM216)

Extra Wide Stool c/w Arms & Padded Back (549BHD)

Female Urinal (SN030)

Fixed Height/Adjustable Height Stationary Shower Chair

Flat Sheets

Florien Elite

Florien II

Flotech Contour

Fold Away Grab Rail (DM011)

Fold Away Grab Rail with Supporting Leg (DM031)

Folding Walking Frame with Wheels

Foot Muff (KK158)

Gents Paul and James Slippers

Gents Readi Brief with Built in Pad

Good Grips Range

Half Surrey Toilet Rail

Hammock Sling

Handling Belts

Handling Sling (SE100)

Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Commode Chair with Detachable Armrests (521AHD)

Heavy Duty Stationary Shower Chair (DM420)

Heavy Duty Walking Stick with Crook Handle (DM624)

Heel Protectors

Hook on Footrest (DM1013)

ID Soft Abduction Wedge

ID Soft Centre Foot Box

ID Soft Flip Over Tray

ID Soft Hemiplegic Armrest

ID Soft Hip Pads (Pair)

ID Soft Hip Stabilising Belt

ID Soft Long Wing Headrest

ID Soft Standard Tray

ID Soft Trunk Support

ID Soft Wheelchair

Illuminated Magnifying Glass (KK388)

Inflatable Rubber Cushions

Intelli-Gel Cushion

Invacare Adeo Toilet Frame (IN102)

Invacare Alize (IN178)

Invacare Alize with Arms(H2240/1)

Invacare Birdie and Birdie Compact

Invacare DeltaTri Wheel Walkers with Loop Brakes (IN267)

Invacare Essential Basic Cushion

Invacare Essential Visco Cushion (IN332)

Invacare Flo-tech Lite (IN333)

Invacare Marina Bath Board with Drainage Holes (IN104)

Invacare Medley Ergo Low

Invacare Medley Ergo Range

Invacare Zimma Frames

Jar Opener (KK011)

Kelly Stand (SE820)

Key Turners (DM317)

Kirton Bead Chair

Kirton Delta

Kirton Duo

Kirton Encora

Kirton Florien

Kirton Midline Vest

Kirton Omega

Kirton Regent

Kirton Stirling

Knee Pillow (PU051)

Knee Support Cushion (KK063)

Knork (848)

Kozee Chair Mate

Kozee Childs Poncho

Kozee Handz

Kozee Kape

Kozee Kape with Sleeves

Kozee Kover-Up

Kozee Koverall

Kozee Koverall with Sleeves

Kozee Skoota Kape

Kozee Skoota Mate

Kozee Toze

Kozee Wheelchair Pillow (KK059)

Ladies Diana & Andrea Slippers

Ladies Readi Brief with Built in Pad

Lap Tray (KK033)

Large Pill Box (KK281)

Large Scoop Bowl (761)

Large Skoota Saddle Bag

Lateral Transfer Slide (SE795)

Leg Raiser (SE320)

Lightweight Adj. Height Shower Stool (DM802)

Lightweight Aluminium Safety Walker

Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker (DM020)

Lille Premium Plus Elasticated Shaped Pads

Locomotor Escort Hoist

Locomotor limb Support

Locomotor Sling

Locomotor Turn Table

Long Handled Toe Washer (NR129)

M2 El Tip

M2 Flexi Tip

M2 Gas Tip


Magnifying Glasses (KK387)

Male Urinal (SN040)

Mangar Bathing Cushion (MA027)

Mangar Handy Pillow Lift

Mangar Leg Lifter

Mangar Sit-U-Up

Manual Handling Bag (SE210)

Manual Pushback Porter/Mobile Chair

Metal Jug Kettle Tipper (814)

Mini Skoota Kape

Mini Skoota Saddle Bag

Mobile Shower Chair (DM069)

Multi Way Bed Wedge (KK060)

Multi-Folding Aluminium Ramps

Multi-Lift (SE270)

Neck Support Cushion (KK065)

Net Bag for Walking Frames (SN061)

No Sag Cushion (KK058)

Oasis Bed Bath Wipes (MU044)

Oasis Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap (MU045)

One Hand Tray (SN852)

Over Armchair Table (RO005)

Over Bed/Chair Table

Oxygen Bottle Carrier (KK259)

Padded Grab Bar

Page Magnifier (KK271)

Pat Saunders One Way Drinking Straws (SN323)

Pedal Exerciser (KK384)

Pen & Pencil Gripper (KK383)

Perfection Bed Pan (640)

Perfection Pan Rack (DM156)

Pill Box and Splitter Combo (KK386)

Plastic Fluted Grab Rail with Flange Cover

Plate Surround (PLATEGRD)

Prima White/Green Grab Rails

Primacare Brecon


Putnam Pillow

Quadruped Cane with Small Base (DM330)

Quadruped with Broad Base (DM1008)

Quilted Flat Uni Slide Sheets

Quilted Slide Sheets

Quilted Uni Slides

Rea Azalea Family

Reciprocal Folding Walking Aid (DM907)

Repose C-Air

Repose Chatham

Repose Chepstow

Repose Madison

Repose Marbella

Repose Melrose

Repose Multi C-Air Chair

Repose Rimini - Upholstered Arms

Repose Rimini - Wooden Arms

Rimini Wooden Arm

Ring Pull Can Opener (KK024)

Roma Daleside Overbed/Chair Table

Rota Cushions

Rota Move Deluxe (SE052)

Rotastand (SE250)

Rotastand Solo (SE057)

Rotating Bath Seat

Round Up Plate (826)

Royale Wooden Commode Chair (RO054)

Rubber Jar Gripper (KK026)

S.U.D.S (Select Universal Disposable Sling)

Safety Gas Lighter (KK027)

Safety Lap Strap

Scandinavian Walking Stick with Ergonomic Handle

Scoop Dish (762)

Scooter Oxygen Bottle Carrier (KK259)

Scooter Tax Disc Holder

Secure Canvas Pouch (KK254)

Self Adhesive Bath Safety Strips

Serena Fireside Chair

Serena Waterfall Back

Sero Pressure Cushions

Sero Pressure Cushions - Deluxe

Shopping Bag Carrier (KK039)

Single Fold Aluminium Suitcase Ramps

Sit-U-Up Carrying Bag (MA042)

Skoota Kover

Skoota Kozee Toze

Skoota Leg Wrap

Skoota Seat Kover

Skoota Shopping Bag (KK261)

Skoota Stick Carrier (KK032)

Slatted Bath Board

Slatted Bath Seat

Sleeve Protector

Smooth Masher (KK014)

Sofia Fireside Chair (DM1019)

Spare Cover for Sit-U-Up (MA031)

Spill Not Jar and Bottle Opener (721)

Standard Skoota Saddle Bag

Stander Sling

Staywarm Plate & Eggcup (KK270)

Swan Necked Walking Stick (DM016)

Swift Wheelchair

Swivel Peeler (KK015)

Tartan Bibs (KK275)

Teapot Feeder (TEAFEED)

Telescopic Scooter Ramp

Telescopic Wheelchair Ramp (KK441)

Tena Pants Plus _ Medium (SY001)

TGA Wheelchair Powerpack - HD Reverse

TGA-Caddy (TG075)

Theracube (PU030)

Thermal Bed Socks

Toileting Seat Aid (DM026)

Toileting Sling

Topro Troja Rollator (ZT011)

Towelling Toe Washer (SN147)

Transfer Sheet (SE796)

Transfer Slide (SE004)

Transfer Turntable (MA019)

Transflo Pressure Cushion

Tri Wheel Walker Replacement Bag (DM1066)

Tripod Cane with Small Base (DM905)

Tripod with Broad Base (DM622)

Two Handled Cup and Saucer (SN194)

Ucello Kettle

Ultra Slide Sheets

Ultra Transfer Slide (SE180)

Universal Mobile Tray (KI048)

Universal Opener (KK022)

Universal Skoota Bag (KK260)

Universal Sling

Universal Walker Pouch (KK392)

Utensil Strap (785)

Visco Memory Pillow

Walking Stick Holder (KK256)

Wheelchair Fleece (KK088 )

Wheelchair Kovers

Wheelchair Net Bag (KK274)

Wheelchair Shopping Bag (KK231)

Window Stickers

Window Stickers (C & D)

Wooden Bed Tray (KK268)

Wool Fleece Bootees

Wool Pile Back Warmer (KK091)

Wool Pile Knee Warmer (KK090)

Wrist Strap (KK347)

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