Royale Wooden Commode Chair (RO054)

Royale Wooden Commode Chair (RO054)
Features & benefits

* Stylish, looks smart in a bedroom
* Solid beech frame
* Strong construction
* Convertible to normal day chair
* Locking potty design
* Wide commode seating area
* Padded upholstered back and seat
* Comfortable, hygienic to use
* Very stable to use, even for large users
* Comfortable wide all plastic seat
* Easy to clean, no staining


* Max User Weight....190kg(30st)
*  Overall Height....87cm(34")
* Overall Width....61cm(24")
* Overall Depth....54cm(21")
*  Seat Height....47cm(18.5")(padded) 
* Seat Height....43cm(17")(aperture)
* Seat Width....45cm(17.5")
* Seat Depth....46cm(18")
* Top of padded seat to Armrest....20cm(8")
* Floor to top of Armrest....67cm(26.5")

Click here for Royale Wooden Commode Manual
Our Price: GBP 336.00 Exc VAT

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