Good Grips Range

Good Grips Range
The 'Good Grips' cutlery range incorporates many thoughtful and innovative design features to assist arthritics, those with limited dexterity and the infirm.

Soft, comfortable, non-slip handles have stainless steel utensils which can be bent to any suitable angle by the user.

These products make even the most tedious tasks easy and speedy and are dishwasher safe.

  • The Rocker Knife requires only a minimum of effort for cutting, it also features an extended safety cap to protect the fingers.
  • The Fork and Tablespoon are both easy to use due to the Good Grip handle making mealtimes easier.
  • The Souper Spoon features an extra high lip all around to prevent spills even for users with tremors or poor hand control.
  • The teaspoon makes coffee time easier due to the Good Grip Handle.
  • Our Price: GBP 7.95 Exc VAT
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