Commode & Shower Chair

Commode & Shower Chair
Features & benefits

* Powder coated lightweight Aluminium frame
* Commode & Shower Chair
*  4 swivel brake castors
*  Adjustable height detachable armrests
*  Chair fits over standard toilet bowls
*  Swing-away detachable footrests
* Gap front aperture for personal cleaning
*  Round bowl and lid fitted as standard


* Maximum User Weight....100kg(15.75st)
* Overall Height....106cm(41.5")
* Overall Width....61cm(24")
* Overall Depth without footrests....66cm(26")
* Overall Depth with footrests....97cm(38")
* Seat Height....58.5cm(23")
* Seat Width....46cm(18")
* Seat Depth....41cm(16")
* Front Wheels....12cm(4.75")

Click here for an User Manual (521A & AD)
Our Price: GBP 270.00 Exc VAT
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