Telescopic Scooter Ramp

Telescopic Scooter Ramp
Made from anodised aluminium, these telescopic ramps can carry up to 50 stone (317kg) per set. They have a non-slip surface on the ramps and also on the contact surfaces at the top and bottom, to help prevent sliding whilst in use.

* Easily set up in seconds.
* Available in two sizes: 5 and 7 foot long

* 5ft long (150cm): Size: 59" x 7.5"x 1.75" (150cm x 20cm x 4.5cm) Weight: 11kg
* 7ft long (210cm): Size: 82" x 7.5" x 1.75" (210cm x 20cm x 4.5cm) Weight: 19kg
Our Price: GBP 149.00 Exc VAT
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