Over Bed/Chair Table

Over Bed/Chair Table

This excellent value, wheeled and divan style overbed table is the ideal home accessory for people who prefer to eat and do other activities when in bed or sat in an arm chair. The table has a simple yet effective design and is also height adjustable between 520mm (20") and 820mm (32"). The table top can be used flat for eating and drinking, but can also be tilted by up to 45 degrees so that books, jigsaws and other items can rest on the outer lip and make it easier for the user to see them. The frame is constructed by light yet durable, powder coated steel and comes flat packed for easy assembly. The legs are low enough for the bottom of the table to slide underneath an armchair or a divan style bed. The height of the table is adjusted easily using the two large hand wheels on each of the vertical legs.

Our Price: GBP 46.00 Exc VAT
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