Multi-Lift (SE270)

Multi-Lift (SE270)
Multi-Lift (SE270)
Multi-Lift (SE270)
Designed and developed to manage a variety of patient handling requirements for both weight bearing and non-weight bearing patients, the Multi-Lift provides two discreet functions:

Conventional Hoist: For non weight bearing patients the Multi-lift can be used as a conventional hoist with the added benefit of having a shin pad to protect patients legs and to prevent swinging whilst being manoeuvred.

Stander: A simple release mechanism allows the hoist head to be changed for the Stander attachment (no tools required _ handling weight only 5kg). In this mode patients can be raised to allow for toileting, washing and dressing or simply to move from one seated position to another.

Features & benefits

Two in one hoist gives great value for money
Unique spreader bar fixings give ultimate safety for sling attachments
Height and width adjustable shin pad
Powered Leg Opening
Actuator Life Counter: informs the user when the actuator needs changing


Lifting Capacity: 160kg (25 stones)
Chassis width (legs parallel): 63.5cm
Chassis width (legs open): 91cm
Chassis length: 109cm
Boom Range: 66cm _ 174cm
Leg Height: 14.5cm
Our Price: GBP 1,440.00 Exc VAT

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