Multi-Folding Aluminium Ramps

Multi-Folding Aluminium Ramps
These twin multi-fold aluminium wheelchair or scooter ramps will make life that little bit easier. They are high quality, corrosion resistant ramps which fold up along the length and width of the ramp and can be carried like a suitcase. They come complete with a carrying handle and two location pins to hold the ramp together when being carried.

They have plastic feet for use indoors and non-slips rubber strips under the top lip. When folded these compact ramps will fit neatly into the boot of most cars.

5' Twin / Multi Fold Suitcase Ramp (weight: 14.0kg) 30.5 x 15 x 9 (when folded)
6' Twin / Multi Fold Suitcase Ramp (weight: 15.5kg) 36.5 x 14.5 x 6 (when folded)
7' Twin / Multi Fold Suitcase Ramp (weight 18.5kg) 42.5 x 14.75 x 8.75 (when folded)
8' Twin / Multi Fold Suitcase Ramp (weight 20.0kg) 48.5 x 15 x 8.75 (when folded)

Maximum Carry Capacity: 42 stone (270kg)
Internal Width (when open): 29.25 (743mm)
External Width (when open): 29.75 (755mm)
Our Price: GBP 209.00 Exc VAT
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