Kirton Regent

Kirton Regent
Kirton Regent
Kirton Regent
Kirton Regent
Kirton Regent
Elegant and sophisticated design disguise the features that make the Regent range the ideal seating solution for the ambulant elderly and disabled users. Providing superior comfort and postural support through the contoured back, the seat length and angle can also be adjusted to meet each individual's requirements. Whichever Regent style is chosen a sense of security is provided through the high, broad armrests when seated that in turn assist in facilitating easy standing.

Benefiting from the inclusion of Reflexion foam in both the seat module and the backrest providing enhanced pressure relief characteristics and comfort to the functionality of the chair. The Reflexion foam moulds itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly over a greater surface area avoiding localised interface pressures on critical parts of the body subjected to compression and possible tissue damage. The range's modularity lends itself to being easily refurbished and repaired enabling it to be a sustainable answer for many caring environments. The Regent range is a versatile solution for those who are seated for long periods and for those with more acute postural concerns Lap-Belts and Pelvic Positioners can be integrated to ensure postural correctness at all times.

General Use

Nursing home environments
Dayroom and bedside use
Domestic home use
For the ambulant elderly
For those seated for long periods


Four design styles
Modular configuration
Excellent posture and support
Major and Minor sizes
Innovative pressure relieving Reflexion foam on seat and backrest of chair
Variable seat length and angle adjustment
Contoured back
Reclining back version available
Easy to manoeuvre
75mm wheels (back two braked)
Wide variety of fabrics and colour ways


Regent Major or Regent Minor
Standard Back
Reclining Back
Cushioned Back
Reclining Cushioned Back
Winged Back
Reclining Winged Back
Modern BackReclining Modern Back


Transflo pressure relieving seat cushion (built-in)
Sliding footrest
Push handles
Fleecy liner
Laminated tray with straps
Loose covers for armrests and seat module
Lap-Belt and D-rings
Pelvic Positioner

Coverings: Panaz Trevira or Lambada loose covers
Chieftain Vinyl, Brookland Vinyl, Panvelle Stretch, Boltaflex or Vyflex direct upholstery
Fire tested to: BS5852 ignition source 0,1 and 5 with all fabrics
From 820.00 ex VAT, Please call us on 0800 3894034 for more information or to purchase.

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