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Kirton Omega
Kirton Omega
Kirton Omega
Kirton Omega
Kirton Omega
The Omega marries comfort with guaranteed strength and durability. Originally designed for those with HuntingtonÍs Disease and other neurological conditions, the Omega has become a recognised and valued seating system for many other caring environments.

Comfort and security underpins the Omega aiming to provide a robust, durable chair that can withstand demanding and severe movements yet provide a safe and relaxed seated position.By understanding the needs of both users and carers, the Omega ensures peace of mind that an optimum seated position for relaxing as well as for activities such as eating can be achieved comfortably and securely. The uniquely linked back and seat recline enables the seat angle to increase as the back angle reclines to guarantee a consistently good seated position.

Furthermore, the contoured back ensures comfort and with the ability to adjust its back height the Omega is suitable for a wide range of individuals. Integral to the chair is the inclusion of Reflexion pressure relieving foam on all patient contact surface areas aiding pressure care management. Incorporation of Reflexion means the foam moulds itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly over a greater surface area avoiding localised interface pressures on the critical parts of the body subjected to compression and possible tissue damage as well as providing improved comfort.

Reflexion foam has also been included on the legrest of the Omega providing full leg support, it is securely fixed to the chair by strong, flexible attachments. For the more mobile of users an optional sliding footrest can be added to the Omega for correct positioning of the feet particular when an individual is being moved whilst seated in the chair without the legrest attached. Assuring strength and durability of the OmegaÍs metal sub-frame a 5 year guarantee* is promised.

General Use

Hospital and nursing home environments
Domestic home use
For those with HuntingtonÍs Disease or other neurological conditions
For general nursing care for the semi and non-ambulant


Three different seat width available 380mm, 450mm and 550mm
Innovative pressure relieving Reflexion foam
Linked gas action back recline and variable seat angle mechanism
2-way horizontally and vertically contoured back that aids midline stability
2 back height options
Seat pivots at front edge retaining knee to floor height
Supportive Reflexion foam legrest
Highly durable and strong legrest attachments
Ergonomically positioned push handle
Excellent mobility
Solid metal frame construction with modular back, arm and seat components
5 year guarantee on chair frame*


Washable loose covers
Pelvic Positioners

*Please note that this does not include upholstery or modular components and is subject to current Terms and Conditions and Warranty Guidelines.

Coverings: Panaz Trevira or Lambada loose covers
Panvelle Stretch, Vinyl or Caflex direct upholstery
Unless specified the direct upholstery underneath the loose covers will be a co-ordinating coloured vinyl to the loose cover material.
Fire tested to: BS5852 ignition source 0,1 and 5 with all fabrics

From £1695.00 ex VAT, Please call us on 0800 3894034 for more information or to purchase.

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