Kirton Midline Vest

Kirton Midline Vest
Kirton Midline Vest
Kirton Midline Vest
Kirton Midline Vest
Kirton Midline Vest
Simple yet effective support for those with low muscle tone, the Midline Vest ensures that the trunk of the body is maintained in a midline position. Versatility and adaptability of the Midline Vest enables it to be used with a variety of seats from school and restaurant seating through to wheelchairs. Fixing the Midline Vest to any seat that has a gap between the seat cushion and the back is simple. The webbing straps on the vest body loop around the seat back and clip together. Tightening the webbings gives a firm "noughts and crosses" pattern to provide postural control from the shoulders to the small of the back.

Strong, washable and easy to use, the Midline Vest is perfect for those who require extra postural support

General Use

Postural support for use with specialist and standard seating
For those with low muscle tone
Ensures trunk is kept in a midline position
Ideal for restaurant, cinema, school seating, cars and wheelchairs


Webbing straps and velcro fastenings enable good positioning
No restriction of body movement
Four sizes available
Strong, durable, nylon material


Easy KeepKlean bibs
Crotch support


Size 1 (Dark Blue) 12" - 18" 300mm - 450mm
Size 2 (Dark Pink) 16" - 26" 400mm - 650mm
Size 3 (Light Green) 24" - 34" 600mm - 850mm
Size 4 (Black) 34" - 44" 850mm - 1200mm

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