Kirton Florien

Kirton Florien
Kirton Florien
Kirton Florien
Kirton Florien
Kirton Florien
Simplicity is at the heart of this dynamic and highly mobile seating system. Central to the FlorienÍs design alongside the incorporation of the tilt-in-space pivoting system is the ability to remove the arms of the chair in order to facilitate side transference.

The convenient removable arm modules enable them to be simply lifted off to facilitate a left or right side transfer for example, to a wheelchair or bed, making the Florien an exceptionally versatile and functional chair.

The effortless tilt-in-space pivoting system provides a reclined, resting position whilst maintaining posture and pelvic stability. Keeping the angle between the chair and back at 110Á eliminates the potential to slide forward into an uncomfortable position. Weight is distributed evenly over a large contact surface area making it a simple yet effective way to combat the build up of pressure. In addition, the incorporation of the highly acclaimed ReflexionTM pressure relieving foam into the seat module of the chair aids pressure care management further. The ReflexionTM foam seat module will mould itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly, avoiding localised interface pressures where tissue damage may occur.

To enhance comfort on the basic Florien chair a multi-positional integral headrest has been incorporated enabling more considerate head and shoulder positioning. The Florien also offers a range of accessories including adjustable lateral supports that provide comfort and midline positioning, a height adjustable footboard as well as a removable cushioned headrest.

New for 2008 as an optional accessory is the innovative Universal Headrest upholstered in either Vyflex, the Florien's main upholstery fabric or indeed the revolutionary Spacer fabric.

General Use

Nursing and residential homes
General care of the elderly wards/bedside use
Individual home environments
For those that side transfer
For general nursing care for the semi and non-ambulant

Main Features

Mechlock operated tilt-in-space positioning
Removable arms for easier side transference
Independent Mechlock-operated legrest elevation
ReflexionTM foam seat cushion with Vylex upholstery
Articulated integral head support (flexible joint)
Ergonomically positioned push handle
100mm wheels, braked at rear only
Available in two standard colours: Berkshire Fawley and Berkshire Caversham


Large rear 315mm wheels with brake bar


Fixed positioned, height adjustable footboard
Adjustable lateral supports
Universal or Cushioned Headrest
Lap-belt and Pelvic Positioner
Universal Tray
Coverings: Available in two standard colours: Berkshire Fawley and Berkshire Caversham for quick delivery Panvelle Stretch, Vinyl or Caflex direct upholstery
Fire tested to: BS5852 ignition source 0, 1 and 5 with all fabrics

From £1099.00 ex VAT, Please call us on 0800 3894034 for more information or to purchase.

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