Kirton Encora

Kirton Encora
Kirton Encora
Kirton Encora
Kirton Encora
ñUltimate comfort and pressure management combined with superb functionality.î

Simple, straightforward and effective, the Encora is the next generation in pressure management seating.
The Encora chair encompasses all the essential elements of specialist seating in terms of the correct chair
dynamics as well as providing a choice of different pressure relieving seat modules depending on individual
userÍs pressure management requirements.

From the highly advanced Intelli-Gel seat module for those at very high risk of developing pressure problems through to
the Transflo Gel cushion and Reflexion foam seat modules for those at medium to high risk.

The EncoraÍs Advanced Comfort backrest incorporating the highly acclaimed Reflexion foam is able to mould itself to the
contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly over a greater surface area contributing to the comfort and
support of the user. Essential to the design of the sculpted backrest are the built in lateral supports, the integral flexible
headrest provides further positioning support and comfort for the user.

The EncoraÍs functionality is central to its success. A simple manual action enables the chair to be lowered or raised to
attain the correct seat height for each user. This helps to maintain an even weight distribution, the posture and stability of
the individual allowing feet to be positioned firmly on the floor when seated and assists the ambulant to stand from the chair more readily.

The Encora now has the choice of either gas action, electrically powered or regulated motion functionality to enable
appropriate positioning of the chair. These options enable the tilt-in-space, the independent back recline and leg rest elevation
to be simply adjusted to ensure the user attains the most comfortable relaxed, resting position.

Reflexion foam is used throughout the chair on all patient contact surfaces, except the seat module unless specifically chosen,
to ensure a high level of pressure care management and is upholstered in the highly tactile, multi-directional, vapour permeable dartex fabric.

What is Tilt-in-Space?
Tilt-in-Space is a unique pivoting system that provides a reclined resting position whilst maintaining posture and pelvic stability.

Why is it so important?
Keeping the angle between the chair seat and back at 110 degrees eliminates the potential to slide forward into an uncomfortable position.
Weight is distributed over a larger contact surface area, reducing the shearing forces on the skin, making it a simple yet effective way to
combat the build up of pressure.

Depending on an individualÍs condition reclining the backrest may prove beneficial for the user in terms of posture and stability when seated
particularly for those vulnerable to extensor thrust. Combining the effectiveness of tilt-in-space with the choice of pressure management seat
options and the highly acclaimed Reflexion pressure relieving foam on all other patient contact surface areas aids pressure care considerably.

General Use
* Specialist care units
* General and care of the elderly wards
* Nursing homes and hospices
* Individual home environments
* For those seated for lengthy periods
* For those at risk from pressure related problems
* For semi and ambulant users

* Regulated Motion or Gas Action or Electrically powered Tilt-in-Space and legrest elevation
* Independent back angle recline
* Choice of pressure relieving seat modules
* Advanced comfort backrest
* Innovative pressure relieving Reflexion foam on patient contact surfaces
* Multi positioning, integral headrest
* Adjustable seat height
* Seat length adjustment
*Integral lateral supports
* Extendable arcing, cushioned legrest
* Multi-directional , breathable Dartex material on all patient contact surfaces

Pressure Relieving Seat Options (integral)
* Intelli-Gel Seat Module
* Transflo Gel Seat Module
* Reflexion Foam Seat Module

* Laminated tray with straps
* Cushioned or universal headrest
* Lap-belts and Pelvic positioners
* D-Ring straps

Weight Limit
* 180kg / 28 stone

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