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Kirton Duo
Kirton Duo
Kirton Duo
Kirton Duo
Kirton Duo
"Contemporary, modern styling, ultimate comfort and effortless functionality are at the heart of the Duo range of seating systems."

Effective movement and precise positioning
* With Regulated Motion
* With Electric Adjustment
* With Gas Action Adjustment

The dynamic features of the Duo chair enable it to accommodate the changing needs of the individual whilst providing
excellent postural control and comfort. Available in Major and Minor sizes both adults and children with complex seating needs can be accommodated.

For those individuals with limited movement there is an increased risk of developing an unconventional body shape and therefore if assistance can
be provided to manage posture through a multi-positional seating system then the risk can be significantly reduced. The DuoÍs purpose is to provide
 the ultimate in positioning and postural management for those who are unable to maintain their body posture and require extra support.

The Duo range provides flexible adjustment and positioning opportunities with the choice of either manual gas action or electrically powered tilt-in-space
 and legrest elevation or indeed the option of Regulated Motion where the tilt-in-space movement continually changes.

Tilt-in-space is a unique pivoting system that provides a reclined resting position whilst maintaining posture and pelvic stability. Weight can be distributed
 over a larger contact surface area reducing shearing forces on the skin, making it a simple yet effective way to combat the build up of pressure.

Furthermore the Duo range now has the option of different pressure relieving seat modules depending on individual user's pressure management requirements.
 From the highly advanced Intelli-Gel seat module for those ar very high risk of developing pressure problems through to the Transflo Gel cushion and Reflexion
 foam seat modules for those at medium to high risk. Indeed the flexibility of the Duo range as with the majority of the specialist seating portfolio enables users to
 either integrate their own pressure relieving seat cushion into the seat module of the chair or apply a flat seat board upon which it can be effectively used.

The Duo is also available with a choice of backrest styles, Cushioned Waterfall or Sculpted Reflexion Foam, to accomodate different postures and user preferences.

The removable arms facilitate easy side transference and the simplicity with which alterations can be made is completely tool-free and effortless.

Designed to meet the wide range of both user and carer needs, the Duo is the third generation in KirtonÍs multi-positioning seating range.

Duo with Regulated Motion
Regulated Motion has been incorporated into the Duo design to create the ultimate, dynamic pressure management chair as well as a source of proprioceptive
 and kinaesthetic input for those whose condition means they are largely immobile.


A six-buttoned hand controller is programmed to ensure the tilt-in-space has 'Regulated Motion' or the ability to move over a set range automatically adjusting the
 tilt positioning. The pattern of movement is set to repeat to ensure motion over a period of time within a specified tilt range.

Regulated Motion ensures that pressure points on the body are in continuous flux. This enables the carers and the user who may be sitting in the chair for long periods,
to sleep with the secure knowledge that dynamic movement will be at work continuously changing the pressure hot spots. It will reduce the propensity for pressure related
problems and improve the comfort and sitting experience. Also carers will not be burdened with the expectation of 20 to 30 minute position changes.

General Use
* Domestic home use
* Hopsital, hospice and nursing home environments
* For those with or at risk of developing an unconventional body shape
* For those with postural-related problems
Main features
* Two chair sizes: Major and Minor
* Regulated Motion or Gas Action or Electrically powered Tilt-in-Space and Legrest Elevation
* Two backrest style options
* Three pressure relieving seat module options
* Arcing legrest motion without compromising footboard positioning
* Easy to use handset on Regulated Motion and Electric models
* Tool free adjustments - lever and spring clip adjustmants
* Split-wing headrest for precise positioning of the head and shoulders
* Push Handle
* Strong, durable 100mm single wheels, rear braked
Pressure Relieving Seat Options (integral)
* Intelli-Gel Seat Module
* Transflo Gel Seat Module
* Reflexion Foam Seat Module
Back Style Options
* Cushioned Waterfall Backrest
* Sculpted Reflexion Foam Backrest
Key Chair Adjustments
* Tilt-in-Space and legrest elevation
* Seat height adjustment through a geared mechansim (not available on manual chair)
* Back angle recline
* Back height adjustment
* Variable seat length and width
* Adjustable arm height
* Headrest angle adjustment
* Removable arms for side transfer
* Height adjustable, integrated flip-up footboard
* Lateral Supports
* Leg-Laterals
* Pommel
* Legrest bracket to achieve 25 degree negative angle
* Extra waterfall cushion for Duo Major back heights 910mm, 940mm, 970mm
* Extra Waterfall Cushion for Duo Minor back heights 740mm, 780mm, 810mm, 840mm, 870mm
* Flat Seat Board
* Foot Sandals (large/small)
* Pelvic Positioners
* Lap-Belt
* Universal Mobile Tray
Weight Limit
* 160kg (25 stone)

Coverings: Panvelle Stretch, Vyflex or Vinyl direct upholstery

Fire tested to: BS5852 ignition source 0,1 and 5 with all fabrics

Price on application from £2380.00 ex VAT

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