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Making life easier is at the heart of the Delta range.

Key to the Delta range is the incorporation of the remarkable ReflexionTM foam on all patient contact surface areas combined
with the ability to easily adjust the tilt-in-space positioning to facilitate ultimate pressure management without over-exertion by
the carer or indeed the user. With the option of either gas action or electrically powered adjustments positioning is made effortless,
whilst with Regulated Motion the tilt-in-space movement continuously changes.

What is Tilt-in-Space?

Tilt-in-space is a unique pivoting system that provides a reclined resting position whilst maintaining posture and pelvic stability.

Why is it so important?

Keeping the angle between the chair seat and back at 110_; eliminates the potential to slide forward into an uncomfortable position.
Weight is distributed over a larger contact surface area, reducing the shearing forces on the skin, making it a simple yet effective way
to combat the build up of pressure. Combining the effectiveness of tilt-in-space with the highly acclaimed ReflexionTM pressure
relieving foam on all patient contact surface areas aids pressure care management considerably. Incorporation of ReflexionTM
means the foam moulds itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly over a greater surface area
avoiding localised interface pressures on the critical parts of the body subjected to compression and possible tissue damage.
In addition the use of the highly stretchable Vyflex complements the pressure relieving characteristics of the foam as well as providing added comfort.

Effective and effortless movement for the carer; comfort and support for the user. General Use

Specialist care units
General and care of the elderly wards
Nursing homes and hospices
Individual home environments
For those seated for lengthy periods
For those at risk from pressure related problems
Aid neurological and physical conditions


Regulated Motion or Gas Action or Electrically powered Tilt-in-Space and legrest elevation
Available in Standard and Large Wheel models
Innovative pressure relieving ReflexionTM foam
Multi-positioning, integral headrest
Universal Headrest in Vyflex
Seat length adjustment
Arching legrest motion without compromising footboard positioning
Adjustable footboard height and angle
Built-in lateral supports
Stretchable Vyflex material on all patient contact surfaces
Optional large buttoned hand controller
Bumpers to reduce upholstery damage when in transit


Laminated Tray with straps
Thin headrest
Adjustable Headrest (foam based)
Curved Head Support
Back Extension to increase back height by 100mm
Lateral support wedges
Fleecy Liner
Lap-Belts and Pelvic Positioners
D-Ring Straps


Panvelle Stretch or Vinyl direct upholstery
Navy blue Vyflex on all patient contact surface areas
Fire tested to: BS5852 ignition source 0, 1 and 5 with all fabrics

Prices from 1899.00 ex VAT

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