Invacare Birdie and Birdie Compact

Invacare Birdie and Birdie Compact
Transportability and patient comfort go hand-in-hand. With maximum space for the user, both the Invacare Birdie and the Birdie Compact offer a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor. The lifters are designed to ensure that folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed _ also without tools.

Total User Comfort: Providing plenty of space for the user even when the hoist is in the highest position, this provides a very comfortable lift and transfer. The user can also be easily rotated in the hoist which allows placing the user into the bed/wheelchair much easier for the carer. Optimising space for the user creates a high level of comfort and ensures that the users knee═s are not too close to the actuator of the hoist, which means that there is a very low risk of injury. Ease of Handling _ Simple to Fold, Unfold and Dismantle: The hoist can easily be folded and unfolded without the need for tools. The hoist will require minimal space when stored and is very easy to push and transport. If required the mast and boom can be easily detached from the base (no tools required).

TUV Certification for Maximum Security: For total security, the hoists have a snap lock system to minimise the risk of accidents. The hoists are CE Certified in line with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/ECC. To ensure the hoists comply with EN ISO 10535, the hoists have been rigorously tested by Invacare and the German TUV Institute, an accredited external body. Configured to User Needs: Users can enjoy maximum flexibility with a range of spreader bars and a very comfortable sling range which allows for individual adjustment of the transfer.

Features & benefits

┤ Long Boom _ High User Comfort: The user can easily be rotated and positioned. No risk of injuries to the knees.
┤ Easy to fold and dismantle _ Ease of transport and storage. No tools required when folding / unfolding or when dismantling the hoist.
┤ Snap Lock _ Optimal security to avoid risk of accidents.
┤ Emergency stop, emergency lowering and integrated charger _ Manual or electric emergency lowering (compact version features only electric lowering). To charge the hoist, simply plug in.
┤ Manual leg spread _ Simply step on the pedal to adjust the leg spread.
┤ Click on spreader bar _ Easy to change the spreader bar.
┤ Frame Colour: Light Grey / Dark Grey


┤ Lifting Capacity: 170kg, Compact Version: 150kg
┤ Total Weight: 40.8kg, Compact Version: 35.8kg
┤ Number of lifts possible per battery charge: 40 approx (both models)
┤ Chassis width (legs parallel): 67cm, Compact Version: 55cm
┤ Chassis Width (legs open): 102cm, Compact Version: 73cm
┤ Chassis Length: 117cm, Compact Version: 112cm
┤ Boom Range: 46.5 _ 173.5cm, Compact Version: 54 _ 161cm
┤ Ground Clearance: 12.5cm (both models)

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Birdie Hoist Electric Leg/2Point Spreader Bar (IN026)
Birdie Compact Manual Leg Opening/2Point (IN022)


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