Intelli-Gel Cushion

Intelli-Gel Cushion
˝Evidence based designţ

Incorporating the latest pressure care advances, Kirton bring you an innovative range of stand alone
cushions that offer pressure relief for those at very high risk and assist in the healing of pressure
ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP).

Independent research has indicated that Intelli-GelČ performs similarly to a commercially available air
bladder wheelchair cushion. Unlike an air-based cushion however, Intelli-GelČ cannot leak or
puncture and will continue to perform effectively even if damaged.

The simplicity of the cushions is underpinned by a sound understanding of why and how pressure ulcers
are formed. Intelli-GelČ does not require set up or installation, the cushions can simply be placed in
a chair or seating system and will be effective immediately.

For those at high risk or with existing pressure ulcers up to Grade II

The Intelli-Gel cushions come in two styles; a Contoured version and a Low Profile Topper.

Intelli-GelČ Contour:

The Intelli-GelČ Contour is designed to reduce the risk of individuals developing a pressure ulcer and to
assist in the healing of pressure ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP). The Intelli-GelČ Contour is intended
to replace existing seat cushions in chairs and to be used as seat cushions in wheelchairs, on hard surfaces and sling seats.

Intelli-GelČ Low-Profile Topper:

Designed for use over existing seat cushioning or on sling wheelchair seats, the Intelli-GelČ Low-Profile
Topper will improve comfort without significantly increasing seat height. Used as a topper in
conjunction with an existing seat cushion, the Intelli-GelČ Low-Profile can reduce the risk of
pressure ulcers for those at high risk or with existing pressure ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP).

The Intelli-GelČ Low Profile is also intended to improve comfort for healthy individuals who sit for long
durations, such as road or air travel, or in the office.

Column buckling

Intelli-GelČ is made up of a deep grid-like array of gel columns which allow it to redistribute pressure so
easily. Under areas of low pressure the gel columns support the weight of the body. Where peak
pressures are present the gel columns buckle and a very low 'spring back' force is applied meaning
peak pressure areas, such as the ischial tuberosities, are eliminated.

Temperature control

It is known that a 1┴ rise in skin temperature increases cell metabolism by 10%. Cell necrosis occurs
when the metabolic demand of the cell is not met by the supply of the blood. So as pressure reduces
the supply, heat increases the demand causing the beginnings of a pressure ulcer.

Intelli-GelČ is naturally good at reducing heat build up in the skin. This is due to the co-polymer gel
material having a high specific heat capacity which means it takes a lot of energy to heat up and is
therefore more likely to cool the patient than increase in temperature.

Anatomically contoured

Contouring helps to prevent the pelvis from rotating backwards and in doing so protects the sacrum and
improves posture. Contouring also improves the stability of the cushion helping users feel secure when
seated. All Intelli-GelČ cushions have some degree of contouring which maximised the inherent pressure
redistribution characteristics of the product.
Open structure

Moisture is an important risk factor in the development of a pressure ulcer. Due to the array of gel
columns with nothing between but air, Intelli-GelČ encourages the circulation of air and the
transport of moisture from the body.


Both Intelli-GelČ and the closed cell foam beneath are non-absorbent. They can be submersed in water,
cleaned and dried quickly. The non-absorbent qualities also mean the cushion cannot hold bacteria
making it much more hygienic than open cell foams. Holes in the foam base encourage airflow
whilst maintaining the cushion's cleaning capabilities.

Intelli-GelČ Cushion Options

┤Intelli-GelČ Low Profile Topper (2"/50mm thick)
┤Intelli-GelČ Contour Cushion (3.5"/90mm thick)

16" x 16" 400mm x 400mm
18" x 16" 450mm x 400mm
18" x 18" 450mm x 450mm
20" x 16" 510mm x 400mm
20" x 18" 510mm x 450mm

Cover Options

┤A lightweight, two-way stretch, knitted fabric cover

┤A lightweight, two-way stretch, vapour permeable, waterproof, welded fabric
Replacement Covers are available, please contact our office on 0800 3894034 for details
Click here for an Intelli-Gel Contour User Instructions Click here for Intelli-Gel Low Profile User Instructions
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