Handling Belts

Handling Belts
Handling Belts
Handling Belts
Handling Belts
Soft padded handling belts available with or without a non-slip inner lining to help prevent sliding upwards during a transfer (sit to stand or assisted walking). The handling belts also benefit from a series of vertical and lateral handholds allowing a more comfortable grip for the nurse and carer.

Features & Benefits

Gives nurses and care staff greater control over the handling position Prevents injury to patients caused by grabbing hold of sensitive limbs Allows a secure and safe grip thus promoting confidence in both staff and patient


Maxi _ Waist: 24 _ 45
Maxi Deluxe _ Waist: 24 _ 45
Mini _ Waist: 20 _ 45
Mini Deluxe _ Waist: 20 _ 45
Maxi Plus _ Waist: 36 _ 60
Maxi Plus Deluxe _ Waist: 36 _ 60
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