Careflex Hydrocare

Careflex Hydrocare
˝The CareFlex Nursing Chair.ţ

The HydroCare is a supportive and adaptable nursing chair that incorporates a wide range of
features to optimise the seating experience of its occupants.
These features include back angle recline and integral pressure management in the seat as
standard. The seat width, height and angle are tailored to suit each individual client whilst
seat depth can easily be adjusted when required. In addition, the HydroCare can be tailored
further through a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure a correct sitting posture is achieved.

Select the best back for comfort and support

Flat and Contoured Back

The Flat and Contoured backs are based on foam structured cushions. Both have a mid-lumbar
change of angle to fully support the back and encourage a comfortable and relaxed sitting posture
when the chair is semi-reclined. The foam used is a ´Reflex═ grade for comfort and
durability, they have a fibre face for initial softness.

The Contoured Back has additional lateral support in the lumbar area through additional foam
shapes which provide basic lateral support.

Waterfall Back

The three part waterfall back consists of fibre filled pillows which overlap down the back of the
chair to provide a very soft, conforming back support. The top pillow provides support to
the head and shoulders with a curved bottom edge to mould naturally to the clients back.
The smaller cushions in the lumbar area provide support for the lower back.

The cushions can be removed individually and attach to the same Velcro strips on the back board
as the foam structured cushions.

Client Groups

┤Sedentary EMI

┤Frail Elderly

┤Early stage HD

┤Palliative care

┤Parkinson═s Disease

┤Cardiovascular conditions


┤Rheumatoid Arthritis

┤EMI wards

┤Residential care

Benefits and Features

┤Seat depth adjustment

┤Three seat angle options (10┴, 15┴, 20┴)

┤Interchangeable back options _ Flat, Contoured and Waterfall

┤Nine combinations of seat width/height

┤Integral CareFlex Watercell TechnologyČ pressure relief in seat as standard

┤Simple, gas action controlled Back Angle Recline (BAR)

┤Integral sliding footplate as standard

┤Low profile, twin wheel braked castors for ease of portering

┤Fixed covers


┤Flat back

┤Contoured back

┤Waterfall back


┤Block legrest

┤Profiled soft headrest

┤Shallow and deep soft headrest

┤Pelvic strap


Size options and adjustments

┤Three height settings

(400, 440, 480mm)

┤Three width settings

(380, 430, 480mm)

┤Three seat angle options (10┴, 15┴, 20┴)

The Benefits

* Simple day to day operation once seat depth has been configured for the client.

* Pelvic stabilization through inclined seat, reducing the tendency for the client to slide into
sacral sitting and incur skin damage through shear.

* The amount of lateral support required by the client can be accommodated by a simple change
to back shape / option. No additional accessories required.

* Can be sized to fit the client, stabilizing their posture, improving comfort and support.

* Proven pressure relief fitted as standard. No additional inserts or cushions required.

* Client position can be easily and frequently changed for different activities, encouraging
functionality and independence.

* Easy to push, improving client choice to use communal or private areas in their environment.

* Soft and friendly appearance and easy to clean.

* Above all, the HydroCare offers high levels of comfort to encourage security, relaxation and

The HydroCare has passed BS EN 15373:2007, test level 2 static load and fatigue tests

Product Weight: 35kg

Maximum User Weight: 160kg

Two year warranty

This is an information only page and the product is not available to buy on line. 
Price start from: ú995.00

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